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Our Story

AMVETS Department of Ohio is committed to bring the number of veteran suicides down to zero by addressing the underlying issues that cause it. 1 Is Too Many will be working with at risk veterans who are dealing with issues like opioid/drug abuse, PTSD, other mental health conditions, financial issues, legal issues, convictions and more.

What 1 Is Too Many does and will continue to do is help veterans who are in crisis mode, who need a helping hand, and who don’t know what resources are available to them. Most importantly, this program will put them directly in contact with other veterans who have "been there, done that" and have dealt with some of the same issues. We will be the ones who will help them get through their low points. This program will also bring veterans together through AMVETS to do activities to help bring that camaraderie back that some veterans may be missing.


The sounds, smells, sights, and feelings of war are something that veterans know all too well and will never forget. Because of that reason, we all came back a little different than before we went over. Many times, veterans cannot come home and talk freely to our families and friends about what we've went through while deployed. The burden of war sometimes causes us to withdraw from friends and family. It’s during these instances of withdrawal that loneliness and depression set in. Many veterans try to reach out one last time to anyone who will listen…waiting for someone to validate them, their service, and their life. It’s at this point that this program will be there to help them.

Together, we aim to bring down the number of veteran suicides and to bring awareness to PTSD. In doing so, we will help to defeat the stigma around mental health issues. Our veterans didn’t fail us while defending our country and we will not fail them when they need us most.

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