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PTSD Awareness Month

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

June is National PTSD Awareness Month. It is a month set aside to bring awareness of Post Traumatic Stress and associated disorders brought about by trauma. PTSD comes in many colors, shapes and sizes. Your friend or relative's PTSD is different from your PTSD. It affects each individual differently which makes it a challenge to treat. What works for one person may not work for another. We need to take a holistic view of treatment or the epidemic may not be stopped anytime soon.

The VA has published an awareness calendar to mark the month. Some of the programming hits on this issue.

Department of Veterans Affairs

2021 PTSD Awareness Month Calendar

Spread the Word. Raise Awareness.

June 2: Use the VA’s PTSD image as your Social Media profile pic.

June 3: Share resources like the Veterans Crisis Line.

June 4: Download PTSD Coach or PTSD Family Coach apps.

June 5: Text a Veteran.

June 6: Like the VA’s PTSD Facebook page.

June 7: Get key information on trauma, PTSD and treatment.

June 8: Find or host a PTSD Awareness Event.

June 9: Share the VA’s video about PTSD symptoms on Facebook.

June 10: Learn about and compare PTSD treatment options.

June 11: Take an online course or program.

June 12: Share stories of Veterans who have been there.

June 13: Subscribe to the VA’s PTSD Monthly Update.

June 14: Watch “What is PTSD?” PTSD explained in 4 minutes.

June 15: Share the VA’s PTSD social media posts.

June 16: Retweet one the VA’s #PTSDAwareness tweets.

June 17: Find a local PTSD therapist.

June 18: Practice mindfulness.

June 19: Ask a Veteran how they are doing.

June 20: Follow the VA PTSD profile on Twitter.

June 22: Order the VA’s “What is PTSD?” card to share.

June 23: Share the VA’s PTSD photo on Instagram.

June 25: Learn how to talk to your Veteran about mental health care.

June 26: Share the VA’s PTSD webpage with a Veteran.

June 27: Subscribe to the VA’s PTSD YouTube Channel.

June 28: Hear what PTSD is like for Veterans.

June 29: Mail or give out an AboutFace postcard.

June 30: Explore the VA’s PTSD website to learn even more about PTSD.

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